BitFlyer Partners with Brave Browser to Develop New Crypt Coin Wallet


BitFlyer, Japan’s largest crypto currency exchange in terms of trade volume, announced a partnership with Brave, the privacy protection browser.

According to the announcement, BitFlyer and Brave will develop „a crypto wallet for Brave users.

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No further details are known about the new crypt wallet. Japanese browser users will be rewarded with Basic Attention Token (BAP) points, due to regulations that prevent them from earning BAT tokens, or trading their points for money in exchanges.

It is likely that this announcement will encourage speculation that the new crypto wallet could make it easier for Japanese users to obtain BAT, rather than BAP, or somehow convert between the two.

A Brave spokesman told Cointelegraph:

„Right now, we’re using ‚points‘ to reward users, but there are some limits. [Through the partnership] we believe it may be possible to go beyond that.

BitFlyer explained that more details about the crypt wallet will be revealed at a July 30 event in Tokyo featuring Brave founder Brendan Eich. The event is aimed primarily at advertisers.

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Brave’s growing popularity in Japan
Brave is becoming increasingly popular in Japan. Last month, the company partnered with the popular Korean group „BTS“, also known as the Bangtan Boys, and with Rush Gaming, a Japanese e-sports team, to develop exclusive browsers for their users in Japan.

In the case of Rush Gaming, limited edition browser users will be able to earn BAP by watching advertisements. The BAP token can be used to support the team.

Recently, several Japanese cryptoexchanges, including BitFlyer, announced the trading of Brave’s BAT token.

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While refraining from saying what users can do with the new wallet, BitFlyer said:

„Brave is the browser connected to Crypto Genius and navigation is an everyday activity. It will be a new opportunity for users to use and gain tokens and we see it as a new case study to show the potential of cryptomonies […] We want people to feel more familiar with crypts through the partnership with Brave“.

BitFlyer and Brave also plan to launch a joint marketing campaign in Japan „to expand the recognition of cryptomonics and blockchain technology among our customers and improve customer convenience.